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Terms & Conditions - Apartment in Stockholm
General Conditions

1. General Information about the Rental Agreement.
ApartmentinX Aps will in the following be referred to as AiX. AiX is authorized by the owner of the rental accommodations AiX has for rent to publish and let the accommodations on behalf of the owner.

2. Reservation
All reservations must be made by filling in AiX’s or affiliates booking form and thus accepting AiX’s Terms and Conditions. The rental agreement has binding effect and tenants will be responsible for the rental agreement to AiX and to Danish law. A deposit of 25% of the total rental amount is payable immediately after the reservation of the rented accommodation has been confirmed. The balance is due 45 days prior to arrival. If the balance is not paid within 45 days before arrival, AiX reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Reservations made later than 45 days before arrival require the full rental amount paid for the whole rental period. Upon receipt of the balance from the tenant AiX will send an email to the tenant containing a voucher specifying the address of the rented accommodation, route guidance, and a contact person as concerns the lease.
Upon arrival the tenant must show this voucher to the owner of the rental accommodation or to his representative in order to obtain access to the rental accommodation. No other documents will be accepted. The voucher is personal and is valid only for the person mentioned in the voucher, and the voucher is not transferable to other persons. The owner or his representative will reject access to the rental accommodation if the number of persons exceeds the number mentioned in the voucher. If there are changes as regards the number of persons staying in the rental accommodation during the rental period, AiX must be informed in advance; otherwise the owner or his representative may ask tenants to leave the rental accommodation whereby the paid rental amount is forfeited. Any changes or special requests concerning the lease must be accepted via email by AiX prior to the tenant’s arrival at the rented accommodation.

3. Pricing
All prices stated are per day and per week. The extra services, which are listed in relation to each rental accommodation, are to be added to the rental price. The specified prices are an integral part of the existing conditions, and any agent or tour operator has no authority to change the specified rates.

4. Payment
Payment can be made by bank transfer without charge for AIX or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). By bank transfer the tenant shall specify his name, reservation number and reference number of the property. If these requirements are not fulfilled the reservation is invalid. Payment in other currencies than Euros are not accepted.

5. Arrival and Departure
Tenants can arrive at the rented accommodation on the agreed day of arrival between the hours: 17.00-20.00 (deviations from these arrival hours must be confirmed by AiX by email before arrival). Any change in arrival time must be reported to AiX during office hours (Monday to Friday between the hours: 9.00-17.00) prior to the arrival to avoid that the owner or his authorized representative rejects the tenant access to the rented accommodation. In case of an unexpected late arrival, the tenant must inform AiX.

If the owner or his representative should be unable to accept a late arrival, all supplementary costs for hotel stays, etc. are at the tenant's expense. If the owner or his representative should wait beyond the agreed arrival time, the owner or his representative can demand a "late arrival” fee. At the time of arriving the tenant must show the owner or his representative the voucher as well as his and his fellow-travelers’ identity certificates. If there is a change as concerns the specific individuals who are staying at the rented accommodation during the tenant's stay in the rental home, the owner or his representative may require that the tenant leaves the rental home without any right to compensation. Moreover, any possible additional costs may be deducted from the deposit. The tenant must leave the rented accommodation between the hours: 08.00-10.00 (unless otherwise agreed in writing by e-mail), after having handed over the keys to the rented accommodation to the owner or the Lessor in the way described in the voucher thus an inspection and control of the rental home can be performed.

6. Security Deposit
The tenant must pay a security deposit as insurance for any possible damages or to cover extra costs which are not included in the rental price. The deposit must be paid in Euros as stated in the booking information. The deposit must be paid to the owner or AiX upon receipt of the keys to the rented accommodation. In some cases the deposit must be paid to AiX 2 weeks before arrival. The deposit will be refunded to the tenant within a maximum period of one month after the departure of the rented property, unless the damage caused on the rental home or other additional costs lead to partial or total retention of the deposit. The tenant’s liability of replacement can never be limited only to the amount of the deposit.

7. Cleaning
Final cleaning is always mandatory. Payment for the cleaning is specified in the rental agreement. When the tenant arrives, the rented accommodation will be in a clean and tidy condition. This amount does not include cleaning the kitchen / the kitchen / the kitchenette, kitchenware, etc. or wastes that are the responsibility of the tenant. If it is not cleaned before departure, the owner or his representative may charge an additional expense in addition to the amounts already due.

8. Electricity, Water and Gas Consumption
Electricity, gas, and water consumption are included in the rental price unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement.

9. Pets
Pets are allowed access to the rental unit only if it is mentioned in the lease. In all cases you must inform Aix per email and receive written acceptance before the arrival in the rented accommodation.

10. The Tenant’s Obligations
The tenant is responsible for the proper conduct and behavior of all people accessing the rented accommodation during his stay.
If the behavior of the tenant or another person in the group should deviate from this code, the owner or his representative has the right to immediately ask the tenant to leave the rented accommodation. The tenant has in such cases no right to compensation for the rental amount which has already been paid.
The tenant is required to have liability insurance in a well-known insurance company. AIX can also provide liability and cancellation insurance.
This letting is provided on a temporary holiday basis. The premises may not be used as or claimed as principal residence or even as a secondary residence and nor may the tenants carry out any commercial transactions, trade or exercise a professional activity therein.

11. Complaints
The descriptions of the rental homes are made in good faith. AiX cannot be held responsible for any changes the owner may have made without notifying AiX. If the tenant has any complaints to make in relation to a rented accommodation, he has to make them on the day of arrival and he must confirm his complaints in writing within 24 hours after arrival per e-mail at the address: info@apartmentinx.com. The office of ApartmentinX Aps is open Monday to Friday between the hours: 9.00-17.00. Telephone: +45 77345645. Outside these hours complaints should be reported to the contact person mentioned on the voucher.
Complaints will not be processed or accepted unless the procedure mentioned above has been followed. AiX has the right to inspect the rental home in order to obtain confirmation of the tenant's complaint.
If the complaint is accepted, the tenant will be compensated proportionately. In special cases AiX reserves the right to move the tenant to another rental home. If the rental price of this replacement home is less than the rental price of the original rental accommodation, the tenant will be compensated for the difference. If the rental price of the replacement home is higher than that of the original rental home, AiX shall pay the additional costs. If the tenant accepts a replacement accommodation, no additional compensation can be required by the tenant.
If there are no replacement rentals available,AiX will refund the full rental amount to the tenant. AiX will in no circumstances pay hotel or other accommodation costs. If the tenant leaves the rented accommodation before AiX has had the opportunity to investigate the cause of a complaint, the tenant loses every right to compensation. If the tenant complaints at a time when he does not occupy the rented home, the tenant loses the right to compensation. AiX will not accept complaints about a rental home which are related to weather conditions, presence of insects, temporary water or electricity shortages, or other circumstances caused by force majeure.

AiX’s rental apartments are not hotel rooms but private homes. These homes reflect the owner's taste and traditions. Such circumstances cannot be considered as elements of a complaint.

12. Equipment
AiX’s rental apartments have fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator and stove. The bedrooms are equipped with duvets or blankets and pillows. In some cases bed linen and towels are included in the rental price and in other cases this can be rented extra. Cots can also be provided for an additional cost. Prices for extra services are described on the page of the description of the rental property.

13. Cancellation
If the tenant, for whatever reason, should cancel his reservation, the following cancellation fees will be deducted from the paid rental amount:
15% of the paid rental amount will be deducted if cancellation is made 60 days or more before the arrival date.
25% of the paid rental amount will be deducted if cancellation is made between 59 days and 45 days before the arrival date.
50% of the paid rental amount will be deducted if cancellation is made between 44 days and 30 days before the arrival date.
90% of the paid rental amount will be deducted if cancellation is made between 29 days and 1 day before the arrival date.
100% of the paid rental amount will be deducted if cancellation is made on the arrival date or if the tenant does not show up.
For changes made in an original booking, where the rental apartment and the rental period remain the same, a handling fee of 50 Euros will be applied to the booking. If the rental apartment and the rental period are not identical with the ones in the original booking, the change will be considered as a cancellation and will be processed in accordance with the cancellation fees mentioned above. If AiX should succeed in renting out the rental accommodation during the canceled period, the tenant will only be charged for the extra costs AiX has been obliged to pay.
The rental prices do not contain cancellation insurance.

If AiX is forced by circumstances on which he has no influence to make a change in rental accommodation, AiX will offer the tenant a similar or better rental accommodation. If the price of this alternative rental home is lower than that of the originally rented accommodation, AiX will refund the difference to the tenant. If the price is higher than that of the originally rented accommodation, AiX will cover the price difference. In cases where AiX cannot find a replacement home, AiX will reimburse the full rental amount to the tenant, and no additional compensation is granted to the tenant.

14. Jurisdiction
Any litigation concerning reservations or rental accommodations can only be settled by a Danish court and in accordance with current Danish law. Acceptance of AiX’s booking form and payment of the rental amount implies at the same time acceptance of AiX’s Terms and Conditions.
AiX's liability is limited to the responsibilities of rental companies under current Danish law. If any of the terms of this contract are modified as a result of changes in Danish law, the validity of these terms cannot be called into question.

15. Consumer Protection
In order to implement a reservation AiX will need certain personal details from the tenant. AiX is responsible for the administration of this information, and will treat this information securely. These data will only be used by AiX to confirm a reservation and to communicate with the tenant, both currently and in the future.
A third party will under no circumstances be notified of this information (except in case of contractual or legal obligations).

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